• Terms of Use

    Last Updated: 18th April 2012

    Please check back for updates in case rules are added, changed, or further clarified. If you have any questions, check the FAQs or contact me.

    Doll Base Rules

    These rules apply to the bases section.

    • Bases are for personal, non-commercial use only. They are not for use in online dollmakers.
    • Link back to www.kawaiihannah.com by linking the doll or placing a link near it.
    • Do not claim my work as your own or redistribute my bases, edited or not.
    • Bases may be edited in order to make a doll and my signature can be removed.
    • Bases may used on GaiaOnline to earn FAKE currency. Please follow all rules.

    Do not use them on IMVU. Do not use them for Deviantart Point commissions. This is because these platforms allow fake currency to be converted into merchandise or real money.