December 26, 2012

Winter’s Warmth Process

Thought I’d post this, seeing as I took some screenshots XD I didn’t have a lot of time to do this, so it’s not very clean in some areas.

Mini Explanation

  • Thumb sketch – I wanted steps leading to a door, with a girl who had just found a stray kitten and wrapped him in her scarf.
  • Lines – I don’t actually line a lot of my stuff now, I just paint over top. But I drew over this one. I then threw a beige colour in the background and painted in purple over it to get the overall shadows.
  • Greyscale – changed it to greyscale, made the wall darker, so the girl would stand out better and would contrast with the snow.
  • Colour 1 – Started adding colour back in using the colour, overlay, multiply and soft light layer modes.
  • Colour 2 – More colours using layer modes.
  • Colour 3 – Yet more colours – some were simply blocked in without colour modes (like the stockings) using my tablet pressure sensitivity for opacity.
  • Painting – The next two steps are just painting. Eyedropping or picking colours and rendering as I go.
  • Effect – Adjusted the colours with colour balance and added some overlay colours. Also added the little white vines.
  • Snow – Very lazy snow XD I adjusted a default brush and set it to scatter. Used a few different sizes and opacities.
  • Oops – Fixed the face a bit XP Still not that happy with it, but I just don’t have time @_@
  • Final – Copied the image and pasted into a new file, resized it and added my watermark ^^