January 6, 2023

Well, it’s been a while

Not even sure what to say at this point ;w; I think my last journal update was 4 years ago and I haven’t posted much in the way of artwork here in a long time. I’m trying to work out exactly what I want to do with my site. 

For many years, KawaiiHannah.com has been my personal playground – for both art and code. The last few years have been mostly hands-off for me. When I started this site, I was a teenager and now I’m in my early thirties and have all the fun adult responsibilities that come with that XD I’ve been trying to reconnect with the mindset I had back then, where I wanted to make silly mini-games, or create random generators, alongside pixel art and anime-styled art. I really enjoyed making things then and still do now!

Art Prints & Things

This also leads into some of the management side of things to do with some of my work. Over the years, there’s been a bunch of instances where people have been selling products that are using my artwork, which…is clearly not allowed <_< Anyway, for a very long time, I haven’t made money from my artwork in a product sense – art was just something I enjoyed making, but I’ve also had people ask if they can get prints of some pieces etc. I’m going to be working on this side of things this year with some of my older artworks, alongside creating new pieces. This is likely going to be managed by my partner under his company Zero Entity (so don’t be alarmed if you see that). I will be linking to authorised sites from this one and will post an update when I have something there ^^

Where have I been?

It has definitely been a while XD I honestly haven’t really known what to say – some of you who have followed my site for a long time may know that I was married and have a daughter. I lost my husband nearly 6 years ago now, which was tragic and life shattering for the both of us. I withdrew a lot from the internet in general and have tried to jump back into it at points, but I was still trying to rebuild our lives. We’re both in a good spot now, but it has taken a lot of work to get there and life changed a lot for us during that time.

Nowadays, I still work full time as a web developer or designer, but from home on a small hobby farm, where I live with my daughter and my life partner. We have 2 dogs and nearly 20 ducks that we look after and a large garden. So while things are busy, they’re good and I’m really happy ^^

I have the full intention of actually posting on my journal, as well as posting more of my artwork here, instead of just on Instagram or Twitter n_n Aaaand before I leave for today, here’s a picture of our pets ^^

  • Adora & Tim

    A Puggle and a Maremma – Tim was tiny here, but has far outgrown Adora, much to her confusion XD

  • Call Ducks

    These three are our pet ducks – Decoy, Chai and Mango, they’ve been hand raised and are super affectionate!