February 10, 2019 The Love of Reading

I rediscovered my love of novels in early December last year (lol, 3 months ago; HOW IS IT FEBRUARY ALREADY?). It was many years before that when I actually sat down to read books. Most of my reading is articles on the internet for work purposes. 

So anyway, I discovered a book by Matthew Reilly and was instantly hooked. After devouring The Seven Ancient Wonders in a couple of days, I set about searching for more (and have now also read Contest, The Four Ancient Kingdoms, Troll Mountain, Scarecrow and The Great Zoo of China). In the last three months, I’ve read more novels than I’ve read in the last 3 years XD

I finished The Great Zoo of China last night and it was spectacular as well. The fast-paced action in his novels keeps me enthralled and it’s addictive watching the scenes playing out in my mind. I thought I’d go to bed early last night and it was suddenly 2am and I had finished the book ._.;; Now I need another trip to the library. (Libraries are these amazing places where you can read books for FREE owo).

The night before that, I went to a concert, to see Secrets playing live. They’re amazing to see live and I’ve gone two years running now. Managed to get right up the front again and have a great view of the band, while avoiding the circle pits behind me lol. So good!