February 28, 2010 Site Up!

Finally, after several months, my new site is up! I actually had it basically done a few months ago, but I revamped the system to make it better >>

There’s several new tutorials under the pixel art section and a few new other pieces lying around. At least when I make stuff now, it’ll be easier to update my site XD

Anyway, what a week it’s been! Last Thursday, my father in law moved here, on Tuesday my brother in law told us he was engaged (^_^) and my dear hubby and I found out we’re having a baby~ Not sure how many weeks yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

There are several other bits of family drama / news in the wind too, but it’s still unfolding <<

I might get off here now, I’ve been sitting here for several hours waiting for my files to finally upload (internet kept dying D: ) and then doing some final checking.