February 6, 2019 Rainy Days

Today is one of those beautifully calm, rainy days. I love days like this.

The kind of day where you can pull your blankets aaaall the way up and feel the silky sheets against your feet. I can hear the soft patter of raindrops on the roof. Perfect weather for a hot cup of tea. Even though it’s February. In Brisbane.

I’ve got today off work! So you know, I’m sitting at my computer, coding away as usual. Wait, I’m off work today. Lol. Something something, if you enjoy your work, you never work a day in your life.

Was going to do some inline-skating practice, but the weather isn’t right for it. Coding it is!

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, try my Instagram. Actually, I haven’t posted anything new on there in about a month or two. Had a few life changes again and took a break to refocus ^_^