July 11, 2013 Plushie Maker Update

So I finally got some time to make some updates to the plushie maker! I did a few interface updates about a week ago, to make it easier to change the colours.

I’ve had to rearrange some of the items and tabs, because some tabs had lots of content and others were…less so. You can find more information on some of the features on the Maker Help page.

Here’s some of the new items!

Some items have also been moved to different “layers” – for example, you can now wear a hat and the goggles. Or two head-bows, just for the sake of it <w< The sheep skin has been split in two, so you can have a wool hood, or a wool dress, or both ^^

All tails now have a ribbon extra and all ears have an earrings extra too.

Oh and lastly, I added a page to find previous plushies – it only works for plushies made since July 1st. It works based on IP address, so if you make a plushie at a different location, it won’t show up on that page.