September 22, 2017 New Website

Got my new website up and running! Took longer to deploy that I expected, because of a number of events that transpired after I posted my last update. But it’s finally up.

I think I’ve built (and rebuilt) my website about 6 times in the last few years. I attempted a rebuild every Christmas break XD But then worked out a better way of handling the data and templating, so scrapped it and started again.

This new version works on WordPress, which is the CMS I’ve been working with for the last few years at the digital agency I work at. Back in late 2013, I decided to go back to work full time to support my family. We moved up to Brisbane (about 20 hours of driving away from Melbourne XP) in early 2014 and I’m still living and working here now.

That’s the main reason for my large hiatus from the internetz, but I’m back again and drawing, as well as coding. Currently learning React to rebuild my plushie maker in a better way and work on the overall UX of it. The plushie maker is actually a fairly complex beast, so I’m hoping to improve it a bit and if I get time, make some new props.

One of the other things I’ve been doing over the last year or so is drawing more traditional pieces and throwing them up on Twitter or Instagram. I intend to post more of my sketches there for now, maybe I’ll make some kind of sketchdump area for my site as well, but I feel like they’re too messy for my main illustration gallery. So follow me on either of those if you want to see more of my work in progress things!

There’s a bunch of other personal things that have contributed to my being absent from the internet, but hopefully now I can just be back and part of the community again.

Thank you to those who still visit and have emailed me during my hiatus, I really appreciate your support <3