April 28, 2012

Art Dump #1

I decided to “draw more” late last year – so I had a look around the Freebies forum on Gaia for some inspiration and to get back into some CG practice XD

The image here is one of my Gaia avatars. Drawn on Feb 1st 2012. Below are (most) of the freebies that I did~

Just a simple chibi, but I like the flow of this one. I adore the combination of blue and brown XD

Drawn for: Stari_08 on Dec 24, 2011

After I finished, I realised the scythe wasn’t part of the jacket D; It was very late when I finished it though XD

Drawn for: wolfman hitsugaya on Dec 21, 2011

A quick chibi ^^ I really like drawing large heads X3

Drawn for: Angel Heart__love_love on Dec 31, 2011

Quick sketch of one of Hadriax el Fex’s avatars. I love wind-whipped scarves and goggles~

Drawn for: Hadriax el Fex on Jan 03, 2012

I was hoping to colour this properly, but I ended up just adding the flat-colours.

Drawn for: i B r a n d o n w on Dec 30, 2011

A late birthday present for iCandyPirate. She likes dinosaurs~ I haven’t drawn much in the way of food before o_o

Drawn for: iCandyPirate on Dec 26, 2011

iCrumpets had a very interesting looking avatar XD So I did a quick sketch and coloured it.

Drawn for: iCrumpets on Feb 01, 2012

Always wanted to try cell-style XP Max323525 avatar’s expression was priceless XD

Drawn for: Max323525 on Feb 25, 2012

I don’t know much about the Legend of Zelda, but my siblings like the game. This is Rosegarden In Hell’s Legend of Zelda OC.

Drawn for: Rosegarden In Hell on Jan 07, 2012

Didn’t feel like colouring much, so it’s half flat-coloured. Had lots of fun drawing the roses ^^

Drawn for: rosiesenpai on Jan 28, 2012

Drew SakaieUma Lei San’s OC ^^ Bit of a different style of chibi drawing.

Drawn for: SakaieUma Lei San on Dec 21, 2011