I get asked a lot of questions regarding my work, so I've added some of the more common ones here.

How long have you been drawing?
I started drawing a lot when I started high school, which was in 2002 I've always had an interest in art though ever since I was little.
What drawing materials do you use?
I sketch on cheap computer / copy paper with a mechanical pencil For watercolours, I use 300gsm watercolour paper watercolour paints (with brown/white ink to finish) >>
What programs do you CG with?
I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 for everything, combined with my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.
Will you draw me a picture?
Sorry, I'm not open for private commissions right now.
How long does it take to draw a picture?
It depends on the size and detail, so anywhere from a few hours to several days.
How did you make your website?
The HTML, CSS and PHP has been hand-coded in Notepad++. I drew the layout in Adobe Photoshop. Then pieces of it were "cut out" and placed into an HTML page and positioned with CSS.
Pixel Art FAQs
What Program do you Use?
Adobe Photoshop CS5, because I like the layering capabilities. I use it for everything
Do you use a Tablet or a Mouse?
Tablet - Wacom Intuos 4 (PTK-640).
How long have you been making dolls and pixel art?
Since July 2003.
Can you draw me a doll?
Sorry I'm not open for private commissions right now.
Can I use your bases on GaiaOnline?
This is actually already covered in the rules. Please read them.
Am I allowed to edit your bases to make a doll?
Absolutely! You can draw new faces, change poses, recolour, whatever.
Can I remove your signature when I make a doll?
Yes and I would really prefer you did - the signature is really only there as a reminder as to where the base came from.
Can I use your bases in a dollmaker?
Sorry, but I would prefer you didn't.