Maker Help

Welcome to the maker information page! ^_^ You'll find an overview of the features here. Please email me if you have any questions.
General FAQs
Where is the maker?
Currently, it can only be found through a gift box () that appears randomly in the left panel of the layout. If you see it, click it to get your prize.
Can I see things others have made?
Yes They are currently shown under the Prize Gallery page. I love seeing the creativity and diversity of them all ^0^
How long does my prize last?
The giftbox is valid for 1 hour. So be sure to create and save your prize in that time ^_^

You can send the link to a friend instead of using it yourself, but make sure they'll be able to use it within that hour.
Can I suggest an item?
Yes please! I can't promise I will make everything, or when it will be made, but I do note them down and try to add them in. Just send me an email with what you would like. Don't forget to include which maker you want it for There's only one now, but there will be more in future ^_^

Please remember that if you're suggesting an element from one of your OCs, that everyone will be able to use that item, so it's possible someone might create something similar.
Can I post my prize online?
You're welcome to use it as a personal avatar, in a forum signature or as an email decoration.

You may also post a few in a personal gallery (such as DeviantART) for your own use or as gifts for friends. You may post a maximum of 5 as free-to-use icons on DeviantART. All icons must be credited to
Can I use it as an OC?
You are welcome to use them as characters for roleplaying purposes/personal use. Please be sure to credit the icon to Also be aware that because they're made on a maker, someone may create something similar. If you're fine with that, please go ahead
Can I sell them for points/gold/real money?
No. You are not permitted to accept payment or "donations" for anything created on or derived from these makers.
Can I edit the image made on the maker?
So long as credit is still provided for the original base/image, that's fine. I understand that sometimes things need tweaking to fit OCs
Will you add more colours to the makers?
If I get a few requests for a specific new colour for a maker, I'm happy to add one. Obviously it would need to be reasonably different to what is already there.
These FAQs/instructions are long!
I know ;w; But Ctrl+F is your friend! Hopefully it's informative enough
Using the Maker

Click on the tabs on the top right of the maker to view the items within them. An example of what they look like is above.

What do the buttons mean?
Save: Animates the image, ready to save to your computer. Hover over this button to preview the image.
Help: FAQs and info about the makers.
Unequip: Unequip all items except base items.
Randomise: Randomise colours and items.
Equipping an item?
Click on an item to equip it, or change it's colour. Equipped items are shown with a grey background.
Removing an item?
To remove an item, click on the 'x' in the corner. Some items can not be removed, only changed. This is usually base items, such as the body, arms or face - they don't have an 'x' in the corner.
How do I change the colour of an item?
When you click on an item, it will appear on the left while the image loads. The current colour of the item is shown with a grey outline. Click another colour to change it.
What are extra options?
Extras are additional options for the item you have selected. Some examples might include a secondary colour, patterns, or small details. Click on an extra to equip it, then choose it's colour. You can have up to 5 extras equipped on an item - choose them from different layers.
Can I see all the items I have equipped?
Yes. At the bottom of the maker is a heading titled "View Currently Equipped Items & Colours". Click it to get a list of all equipped items. You can also hide this list, by clicking it again.
What are colour blocks?
This is a list of all the colours used within the image. If you don't like a colour used within the image, you can change all occurrences of it! The default block selected is the first one. Click the one you want to change, then choose a new colour from the list below.